North Star Dental Center
Dental Exams:
Comprehensive dental exam performed by your dentist at your initial dental visit.

Emergency Visits:
Emergency is a limited exam that will focus on a patient complaint.

Digital X-Rays:
Digital radiography is latest technology that can be viewed instantly. Digital x-rays reduce
radiation 80% compared to already low exposure of traditional dental x-rays.

This will include removal of calculus (tartar), removal of plaque and teeth polishing.

Floride Treatment:
Floride is the most effective substance to prevent tooth decays. Topical floride strengthens
teeth once applies to the teeth surface making teeth more resistant to decays.

Composite Restoration(fillings):
The decayed portion of the tooth will be replaced by composites (tooth color) fillings.

Porclain Crowns (caps):
A Crown is covering entire tooth structure that can not be restored with fillings or other
type of restoration.

Veneers are very thin tooth shape porclain that bonds to the front of the teeth to creat
beautiful smile.

Tooth Whitening:
To change the color of your natural teeth, we offer both in office and home, whitening systems.

Fixed Partial Dentures (Bridges):
A dental bridge is fixed appliance to replace missing tooth. This procedure will prevent drifting of the remaining teeth out of position.

Dentures and Partials:
These removable appliances will replace for missing teeth.

Root Canal Therapy:
Root canal is needed when nerve of tooth is affected. In this procedure the tissue inside the tooth, bacteria and decays are removed and the space filled with dental materials to restore the tooth.

Periodontal Treatments:
Depends on severity of the disease, your dentist will recommend appropriate treatment. These include regular cleaning or scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) again depends on the severity and stage of the disease.

Pediatric Dentistry:
Our practice wellcome kids. We have large aquarium in our waiting area for your kids to enjoy. Our friendly staff and doctors will treat your kids like our family.

Orthodontic Treatment (Braces):
Braces can improve your dental health and beautify your smile.

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